Love Potion

Possibly the most romantic liqueur in the world.

Small batch

Exquisite taste

"Wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark to love."
Edmondo de Amicis
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Love Potion romantic
Love Potion original
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Legend. Taste. Design.

It is said that Love Potion is quite possibly the most romantic wine liqueur in the world. A strong statement, for this powerful tipple with a rich history, alluring scent and a taste that leaves you wanting more… 

Using a traditional secret recipe that has been perfected over the past 300 years, Love Potion captures the essence of the various legends and stories that proceeds it.  

One of the legends says that a week before the local village festival, young men placed a bottle of the finest wine liqueur beneath the window of their loved one.
Not only was the taste exquisite, but the young men also picked the most beautiful bottle they could find, to charm and entice the woman of their dreams.

Love Potion

Secret reborn


Specific climate.

Specific taste. 
Called "The Black Wine" and produced only in small region between Italy and Slovenia.


The legend is reborn in a beautiful bottle and a romantic wooden ring.
The secret recipe sets the stage for making a bold impression on the world.


Distinct character, wild berry aroma, high lactic acid, minerals and iron oxides.

Wine traditionaly enjoyed by men. 


When you have had a rough day or just want to indulge yourself.
On the rocks, as an aperitif, accopmanying a dessert or in a cocktail - it's up to you.


Sweetening and aroma infuzing begins. The Liqueur enters the sceene.
The recipe is kept secret, and passed orally from generation to generation.


Something special for someone special.
Perfect gift for engagement, aniversary, wedding, and every romantic occasion.

Today, our secret recipe leaves you wanting more.
It inspires romance, creates the perfect atmosphere, and sparks excitement and desire.

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